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Oulton & Devine Inc.

is a multidisciplinary design company

based in Ottawa, Canada

Established in 1992, Oulton & Devine

has collaborated on numerous exhibits

for museums and visitor centres,

custom trade shows + events

and private residences

O&D has a keen sense of three-dimensional design,

blended with years of experience producing fabrication detail drawings.

Building your trust 

with every project.

Collaborative Projects

in Flanders

Gas. Mud. Memory

Collaborative Team:

Canadian War Museum

Memorial Museum Passchendaele

Visou Design - Exhibit Design Concept

Oulton Devine - Final 3d Design and Details

Carla Ayukawa (EDPC) - Final 2d Design 

War +

The System, The Body and The Mind.

Collaborative Team:

Wellcome Collection

Deutsches Hygiene Museum Dresden

Hans Dieter Schall - Exhibit Design Concept

Canadian War Museum

Oulton & Devine - Final Exhibit Design and Details

War and Medicine Museum Exhibit, Introduction Corridor, McCrae Gallery, Canadian War Museum
The Greeks, From Agamemnon to Alexander, Display cases

From Agamemnon to Alexander

Collaborative Team:

The Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs

Canadian Museum of History

The Field Museum

The National Geographic Museum

Pointe-à-Callière Museum

Scott M. Fischer Studios

Oulton and Devine - Display Case Details, Artifact Illustrations (500), Board Game Design, Architectural Illustrations

CMH Design Lead: Rick Rocheleau


World Leader in Aquatic Play Solutions

Collaborative Team:

Vortex Marketing

Nebula Exhibits

Oulton and Devine - 3d Concept + Design

Vortex International, Trade Show Island Exhibit, 9m x 9m, 30 x 30

9M x 9M Exhibit Concept

Shopify Global Summit 2020, Registration Area, Toronto

Ottawa and Toronto - 2020

Collaborative Team:

Mosaic North America

Event Design Group Inc.

Oulton & Devine - Presentation Renderings

Global Summit

Open Government Partnership - 2019

Ottawa, Canada

Collaborative Team:

Global Affairs Canada

Event Design Group Inc.

Oulton & Devine - 3d Design and Details

OGP 2019, Main Entry Area, Concept Design
Canadian War Museum, Panoramic Photo,19830292-029, First World War
Ready to Serve, Canadian War Museum, Elevation Drawing, Oulton & Devine
to Serve

Canadian Panoramic Photographs of the First World War - 2018

Collaborative Team:

Canadian War Museum

Canada Science and Technology Museum

Oulton & Devine - 2d/3d Design and Details


Hilton Lac Leamy, Gatineau, QC

Canadian Tire Centre, Ottawa 

Collaborative Team:

Ottawa Senators Foundation

Event Design Group Inc.

Oulton & Devine - 3d Set Design and Details

FergusLea, Sens Soiree, Sens Foundation, Sochi Olympic Theme
Juno Beach Centre, Canadian War Museum, Great Women During the War: 1939-1945, Ph. Delval
Great Women
During the War:
1939 – 1945

Juno Beach Centre, 2019

Courseulles-sur-Mer in the Calvados region of Normandy, France

Collaborative Team:

Canadian War Museum

Juno Beach Centre


NineSixteen Creative

Oulton & Devine - 3d Design and Details

Photo Credit: JBC/ Philippe Delval

World War

Travelling Exhibtion

Collaborative Team:

Canadian War Museum

Oulton & Devine - 3d Design, Graphics and Detail Drawings

World War Women, Travelling Exhibition, Canadian War Museum

Photo Credit: Canadian Museum of History, S. Darby, IMG2018-0271-0057Dm

War + Medicine
The Greeks
Vortex International
Shopify Global Summit
Open Government Partnership Summit 2020
Portrait Gallery Wall
Fighting in Flanders
Fighting in Flanders Exhibition, McCrae Gallery, Canadian War Museum
Sens Soiree
Great Women During the War
World War Women

69 Mattawa Crescent,  Ottawa, ON K2M 2E8 


Tel: 613-599-0078

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