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World War Women, Travelling Exhibition, Volunteering

Canadian Museum of History, S. Darby, IMG2018-0271-0030Dm

World War Women, Travelling Exhibition, Working
World War Women

Travelling Exhibition 

A collaboration between the Canadian War Museum and O+D, this traveling exhibit focused on the lives of a number of women affected by the war through Volunteering, Military Service, Working, or Loss. 


The exhibit had to incorporate a challenging design requirement. As it was traveling to both Anglophone and Francophone venues, the language on the panels would have to be reversed to suit the host venue location. This meant that the wall- and floor-

mounted display cases also would have to be reversed, or mirrored.

To meet this requirement, and stay within budget, O+D developed the design solution of having the bilingual text printed on both sides of the same panel. This solution reduced the exhibit fabrication costs by almost half, and also resulted in significant cost savings for shipping. Many of the display cases were selected from the CWM inventory, resulting in few cases being fabricated, which provided further cost savings.

O+D provided detailed packing drawings for the shipping crates to ensure the unloading and loading of the exhibit panels would be straightforward, and very clear, for installers of every level of ability.

Canadian Museum of History, S. Darby, IMG2018-0271-0053Dm

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