Example concept drawings by Visou Design

1915 Ypres - Gas Attack!

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1917 - Passchendaele - Mud

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Smell Interactive

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1915 Ypres - Gas Attack!

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Massing Model, Gas, Mud Memory


in Flanders

Gas. Mud. Memory

Our main role in the creative collaboration team was the development of the final 3d design - taking the design concept and client vision and turning it into reality.

This role included exhibit design development, final design, and the detailing of all exhibit furnishings: the hands-on exhibit interactives, final layout and positioning of each artifact and piece of artwork,  coordination with the AV group for optimum screen sizing, liaison with the graphic designer, and the inclusion of security features.

A number of exhibit components and artifacts from this temporary exhibit were also designed to travel, and O+D again provided three dimensional design and detailing services for the traveling exhibit.

Concept Plan by Visou

Preliminary massing and showcase study by O+D

Detail drawing - Exhibit Fabrication Plan