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War & Medicine, museum display cases
War & Medicine, medical kit
War +

The System, The Body and The Mind.

War and Medicine was originally developed by the Wellcome Collection in London, United Kingdom, and the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum in Dresden, Germany. It was adapted by the Canadian War Museum for North American audiences, and featured more than 100 artifacts and works of art from the Canadian War Museum, as well as over 200 more from other prestigious national and international institutions and private lenders. 

O+D was responsible for ensuring the design vision, created by architect  Hans Dieter Schall, was maintained throughout the final design and detailing process.


O+D collaborated with the CWM team on the layout of each one of the over 300 artifacts - at the time, the largest number of artifacts for a temporary exhibit at the Canadian War Museum.

O+D also created and provided the graphic design, and produced the fabrication detail drawings.


War & Medicine, Canadian War Museum
War & Medicine, Exhibit Plan, McRae Gallery
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